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Most of us -- no matter how together we are -- could use help with saying nay.More From Health: Learn To Be Assertive And Love it!Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. "Couchsurfing has given me the opportunity to live very valuable and beautiful experiences.Your Detour To A Stress-Free Life How To Bounce Back Better Of course, knowing when to say is also important.In a 2012 survey of employers by the job placement firm OI Partners, being a team player -- as in, flexible and helpful -- was the top-valued quality in an employee. A 2011 study found that couples who reported a high level of generosity in their relationship were five times more likely to say their marriage was very happy.It's filled my journey with stories, people, and friends.

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"In this age of constant electronic connectedness, requests are coming at us every waking hour, making it even more important to be able to put your foot down," says Roni Cohen-Sandler, Ph D, a clinical psychologist in Weston, Connecticut." - Andrea(Traveling in South America) "We can't recommend Couchsurfing highly enough.It's a great way to experience places from a unique insider perspective, and you'll undoubtedly make great friends along the way.And sometimes just saying yes is the easiest way out (see: placating a demanding mother-in-law). Other research finds that when we do things for other people, our brains light up in areas associated with pleasure and reward.Given this, it's not always easy to know when a firm is in order. The most obvious sign you're too accommodating: Saying yes makes you feel bad.Accommodation for People with Disabilities If you have a disability and would like an accommodation in order to apply for any open position with PORTCO, Inc.


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