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” Hannah Bailey, Communications manager, Skateistan View their Coverage Book Not only it saves time by pulling together screenshots, metrics and helping you put reports in a nicely presented coverage book, it allows your clients to understand the metrics better.” Kristina Spionjak with the layout and how easy it is to make sense of each placement. I can not sing the praises of Coverage Book enough.” Jessica Mc Cafferty Brennan, Vice President, Janice Mc Cafferty Communications Coverage Book has evolved so much in the 16 months I've used it.Time-saving, effort-saving, and available online for an entire team to share.” Loriann Luckings-Marwood, Account Director, Radiator Communications Coverage Book has freed up time previously spent on monthly reporting so we can now dedicate more hours to doing the stuff we really want to do as a charity, like reaching out to our target audience, and getting more coverage of course! If you'd like to read more honest opinions and reviews check us out on G2 Crowd.Try coverage Book for free - see for yourself No commitment, no obligations, no credit card required, start making coverage books straight away.

, other dating sites, have you ever googled your DH profile name?

Coverage Book is the perfect platform as it’s quick to use and easy to create individual presentations for multiple people - from donors to supporters.

Coverage Book saves us hours, if not days of work which we can put back into growing the charity and helping more youth worldwide!

If your date is in to vegetarian fare, spend some time finding a restaurant that serves only organic vegetarian food.

In to ethnic food then look for a quaint place that has great food.


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