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Croatia again held up the recurring Central European/Balkan "Lolita Night" theme, which there were not as many this time around. South Africa's costume was awesome, although I'm not sure what it's all about. Canada dressed as a bunch of flags from other countries? Unfortunately the sparkly platform clogs make her outfit and Singapore's otherwise nice gown look like they'd be at a high-price Gentlemen's Club having me buy them drinks.The traditions here in La Ceiba may have been influenced by the long-time presence of the Standard Fruit Company (Dole Co.), at one time the largest employer in the area. Right now the newspapers are full of ads for clothes, appliances, computers, and cellphones.The stores are full of trees, lights, decorations, and Santa Clauses.Additionally, the islands feature stunning beaches that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.A popular site for thrill-seekers, Rio Cangrejal is Central America’s premier destination for kayaking and rafting.I know some very poor families and I can tell you that those kids are as happy and proud to receive a new outfit as many North American kids may be to receive thousands of dollars of gifts.

"OK, honey, are y'all ready to have a good time today? "The drag thing was a fluke, really," Haylock says over coffee Sunday afternoon at PJ's on Frenchmen Street, just a stone's throw from the lower Decatur Street apartment she shares with Allen.Learn more about the top tourist attractions in Honduras.Consisting of two main islands and several smaller cays, Cayos Cochinos provides a peaceful retreat for those who want to experience the natural beauty of Honduras without the hustle of tourist crowds.His godfather didn't give him anything so he sat around watching his brothers play with their new toys while he had nothing.Another year, they all got up on Christmas morning to find no presents at all.PLACE: "Sundays Are a Drag," Zoe Bistrot, W Hotel TIME: a.m. " Bianca Del Rio tests the microphone onstage in the back of the posh dining room of Zoe Bistrot inside the W Hotel. Hostess Bianca's sailor-blushing repartee bounces off lime velvet curtains and into the ears of waiters with names like Aristide. Haylock won his first one for 1993's Snow Queen at Le Petit at age 17.


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