Jewish guys dating asian girls top 10 dating mistakes women make

I was a "nice Jewish girl" looking to date a "nice Jewish boy" when I met him.

He was a nice secular non-Jew from Seattle whose religious identity was rooted in memories of hanging stockings on Christmas and eating chocolate on Easter.

How could I marry a non-Jew, contributing to the assimilation and possible disappearance of my people?

For those of you who know the children of Jewish Asian couples – do you also find that to be true?

The participants also emphasized their common feelings for family.

"The Jewish culture and the Chinese culture are very family-oriented," a Chinese-American man married to a Jewish woman told the researchers.

The paper cites a 2000 study that found that 18% of all marriages of Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans are to Jewish Americans.

That’s fairly amazing considering the Jewish Americans make up only 1.7% to 2.1% of the US population. Kim and Levitt suggest that there are cultural similarities regarding education and a history of discrimination.


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