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You know what it feels like to be out in the world, fearing that a panic attack leading to public humiliation may strike at any moment.

Toronto, on Lake Ontario, is Tarantua in the Indian language: the place where diversity meets.

If you’re here in September, don’t miss the International Film Festival.

Often quoted as being one of the most pleasant cities in the world, Toronto possesses all the qualities of a metropolis on the waterfront and you only need to go up the CN Tower to get a real idea of its scope.

It is a real multicultural metropolis of more than 5 million inhabitants, where different communities live side by side: Greeks, Portuguese, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Jamaicans…

A city of futuristic urbanism, Toronto is known for its exceptional cultural offer, its business centre that makes it the economic capital of the country, and for its excellent nightlife.


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