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To a more limited extent, Argentine men, women, and children are subjected to sex and labor trafficking in other countries.Men, women, and children from Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, and other countries are subjected to forced labor in a variety of sectors, including sweatshops, agriculture, street vending, charcoal and brick production, domestic work, and small businesses.Street vendors may victimize susceptible migrants from neighboring or African countries in forced labor.Transgender Argentines are exploited in sex trafficking within the country and in Western Europe.A 0,920 study is sending "motivational messages" via "mobile-phone text messaging, email, or instant messaging robots" to encourage gay men to get tested for HIV in Peru.

The project, "Syphilis: Translating Technology to Understand a Neglected Epidemic," has received 4,272 since 2012.

MEDLIFE recently held its second annual Leadership Corps, a two-week service learning trip that is open to Chapter Leaders and Student Advisory Board (SAB) members.

This year, eight student leaders were joined by MEDLIFE staff, including CEO Dr.

The most commonly reported motivators for testing were to check one’s health (23.3%), lack of condom use (19.7%), and availability of free testing (14.0%), while low self-perceived risk for HIV (46.9%), fear of a positive result (42.0%), and lack of access to testing services (35.7%) were the most frequently reported barriers.

In multivariate analysis, factors independently associated with HIV testing included age [adjusted prevalence ratio (APR) 1.00, 95% CI (1.00-1.01)], transgender-identification vs.


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