Salma hayek and penelope cruz dating

The raven-haired beauties, who are often compared to each other for their stunning features, coordinated in dark outfits.While Salma wrapped up from the winter chill in a black fur coat, Penelope cut a chic figure in black jeans, a black blazer, a knitted jumper and knee-high boots.PHOTOS: Tom's ageless face Cruz, who is now married to Javier Bardem, and Hayak, for the record, were both wearing red lipstick.

As a child, Cruz amused her family by re-enacting television commercials.Salma Hayek Jimnez was born in 1966, on the 2nd of September. Her mother, Diana Jimnez Medina, was Mexican and worked as an opera singer.Both parents were very pious, that's why Salma got a strict education as a, who dated Cruz from 2001 to 2004, dined with the ladies at Scotts in London.Following their dinner, Cruise emerged from the eatery looking every bit swoon-worthy in sunglasses and with a bright red lipstick stain on his cheek.Both actresses opted for a slick of bold red lipstick to brighten up their casual evening wear.


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