Serena williams coments about dating black men

Serena Williams has stood defiant as a black woman, even when black men disrespected her with sexist, misogynistic, transphobic remarks over her looks or for simply being a passionate, bossed up black woman.Whether spoken or unspoken, many of us have attempted to have this conversation to only be met with surface level analysis that treats race as a monolith with no understanding of how one can fight for their own people while loving the race they are seemingly ‘fighting’ against.When a celebrity gets engaged, it’s likely to be met with commentary from the peanut gallery from all sides.But the underlying factors in the racial comments directed at Williams’ engagement are problematic, and in hotep fashion, lack context around her blackness and how she can be pro-black and yet have a white fiancé.They rebuild themselves from the hurt and begin to prosper in their own personal lives from their career to their health.From there, some of these women find love with white/non-black men and get slandered for it.

She has also dated former NFL linebacker Lamar Arrington and basketball star Amare Stoudemire. If you are an owner of a page, website, or social media account, stop posting fake news. Your readers’ trust is what keeps people coming back. Without credibility or integrity our platforms won’t exist. Apparently, the fragility of black masculinity happened to forget the name of the most decorated woman in sports history, as her engagement, for whatever reason, seemed to be a direct attack against their manhood.Not only are these men coming at her for her engagement to a white man, these same men were the ones slandering Ms.Williams calling her a ‘man’ and ‘she’s ugly’ and all sorts of ugly things against this powerful dominating female powerhouse, and it needs to stop.A woman who consistently spoke out about police brutality against black men in America and uses her platform and voice to push social justice issues to a larger stage in an effort to make a greater impact on her community.


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