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"In fact, the huge response itself is one of the key findings.

There is a pent-up demand for expressing the difficulty of working virtually across time zones, languages and cultures." The 2012 Virtual Teams Survey Report Challenges of Working in Virtual Teams found that: In the virtual workplace decisions take longer and are harder to make; That the absence of visual cues makes it more difficult to collaborate, and that building team trust is more difficult.

The study had a stunning response rate: 3,300 business people from 103 countries.

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For anyone that hasn't witnessed these talented trials riders first hand, there is only one word to describe it—sick! A somewhat underground discipline that doesn’t get the spotlight like motocross or enduro is attracting new riders who get hooked on the focus, precision, balance and control required.On May 15, 2016, riders from around the province gathered together up the Mamquam Forest Service Road in Squamish, B.Information seeking is the process or activity of attempting to obtain information in both human and technological contexts.Information seeking is related to, but yet different from, information retrieval (IR).Tagging along with the expert field, it was clear that everyone is friends and that they are there to support each other.


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