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The prospective client replied that he comes from an Orthodox Jewish community where the stigma of coming to therapy was extremely high and that he did not want to risk the possibility that others could discover that he attended therapy.Consequently, he did not want even his own therapist to know his name. I recently came back from seminary and it was so hard to adjust to work and college life. My friend recommended me to try torahanytime speeches and I cant even tell you how I was so impressed. Thank you for making it possible."*****"I just wanted to thank you for this AMAZING organization.

Shortly after the client identified his presenting concern, the psychologist asked him basic demographic information, such as his name. Thank you for making it possible." ***** "I just wanted to thank you for this AMAZING organization. Ever since I've started listening to shiurim on Torah anytime, I have felt tremendous gratitude towards you." ***** "I recently went through a challenging time and a friend recommended your site to me.Later in the phone call, the prospective client stated that he needed to use his health insurance to pay for therapy services.Does Orthodox Judaism promote compassion and non-judgment or fire and brimstone?That the “good” rabbis remain silent and allow our Torah to be represented by those who say hateful things.


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