Who is tupac dating

This has always been something that was speculated, but Madonna never really confirmed or denied the rumors that she had a brief romance with Tupac.

During the interview Madonna admitted that she was dating Tupac around the time she made an appearance on in 1994.

singer said during an interview with Howard Stern, that she and the late rapper dated in 1994, around two years before he died.

Whilst Madge didn't go into much specific detail during her chat with Howard, she did say that he influenced her bed behaviour on late night TV talk shows.

New couple: Madonna and Tupac Shakur, who had a relationship after meeting in 1993, are pictured in 1994 at a dinner party in New York, along with Madonna's galpal Ingrid Casares and Police frontman Sting The music star credited her foul-mouthed controversial appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman on March 31, 1994, to being in a gangsta mindset because of her romantic involvement with the Thug Life rapper.'I was mad at [David Letterman] when I said the F-word a lot,' she told Stern. I was dating Tupac Shakur at the time and the thing is, he got me all riled up about life in general.' Sparked complaints: Madonna said the F-word 14 times during her controversial appearance on The Late Show With Dave Letterman and she said her antics were inspired by her relationship with the Thug Life rapper Perez said all attention was focused on her when she arrived hand in hand with the hip hop star at the Soul Train Awards on March 9, 1993 and their appearance together sparked a lot of animosity from other women at the event..

Many people in Shakur's life were involved with the Black Liberation Army; some were convicted of serious criminal offenses and imprisoned, including his mother.

On Wednesday radio jock Howard Stern interviewed Madonna on his Sirius XM show for a candid 83-minute conversation.

One of the big news stories that came out of Madonna’s Howard Stern interview is that she dated the late rapper Tupac.

Tupac fans, did you know about Tupac dating Madonna?

We’re pretty sure you didn’t or you might have and thought it was just plain rumors. The rap legend Tupac Shakur was keeping things hush with Madonna for years.


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